I-Tech nominated for innovation prize

I-Tech was one of four nominated innovations to the Swedish Maritime Days Innovation prize. The nominees came from both small and large companies and from universities and government agencies.

Common ground for the innovations is that they involve several parts of the maritime cluster in one way or another, and can contribute to major social benefits when they are realized. Susanne Lindegarth, researcher and jury member from the University of Gothenburg about I-Tech’s innovation:

“The innovation originated in the Swedish marine research which is great fun. Through an innovation that uses a substance, Selektope that does not kill organisms, but instead prevents them from attaching to the boathull the company has shown that it is possible to create effective antifouling paints without adding general toxic substances “.

Shipping today have major problems caused by fouling on the hull which means that it takes much more energy to propel the ship forward. Traditionally, this has been solved by antifouling paints that contain poison that kills the organisms that would attach themselves to the hull. I-Tech has created a non-toxic anti-fouling paint that prevents barnacles (which is one of the biggest problems with fouling) from attaching themselves to the ships hull. The product is good for the environment and represents considerable savings in fuel consumption for the larger vessels.


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