Oliver Weigenand appointed as ITech COO

Oliver Weigenand assumes the newly installed position as Chief Operations Officer (COO) at I-Tech. I-Tech strengthens its commercial and industrial capabilities by appointing Oliver Weigenand as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Oliver has formerly been holding various international executive positions within LANXESS Corporation.

In the newly installed position Oliver will hold responsibility for sales and delivery and will in this position also lead the development of I-Techs industrial capabilities. Through this important reinforcement I-Tech is ready to accelerate global growth of its all new marine active agent (biocide), Selektope®.

Oliver has an impressive track record from his 8 years at LANXESS Corporation and has successfully held positions as Global Product Manager (including marine biocides) and has also served as a CEO of an SME within the LANXESS Corp. Oliver recently served as Vice President North and Central America at LANXESS and now moves back to Europe. Oliver assumes his role as COO at I-Tech in Gothenburg on June 15th.

“I am very pleased that Oliver has assumed the position as COO with I-Tech. With Oliver’s passion for driving growth, his international experience from high demanding positions and deep insights in the chemical and biocidal industry, we have the best possible line up to make a difference to the market,” says Philip Chaabane, CEO at I-Tech AB.

“I am absolutely convinced, that Selektope technology is a unique opportunity to establish a new generation marine antifouling product, says Oliver Weigenand.

“I am thrilled to boost global market approach and to help strengthen I-Tech’s industrial footprint. There are a lot of great potentials in front of the I-Tech team, together we will continue to build a strong platform, to ensure sustainable long term growth of Selektope.”

For more information please contact I-Tech CEO, Philip Chaabane, philip.chaabane@i-tech.se

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