I-Tech AB signs deal for largest ever Selektope® order with Chugoku Marine Paints

I-Tech AB signs deal for largest ever Selektope® order with Chugoku Marine Paints

I-Tech AB has signed a significant supply agreement with Chugoku Marine Paints (CMP) in response to increasing demand for CMP marine coatings that contain Selektope®. This deal represents the largest ever single order of the unique antifouling ingredient to-date.

The large volume order was placed as part of a long-term supply agreement to support the growth of CMP’s Selektope®-containing antifouling product portfolio. The supply agreement provides the option for CMP to further increase the order value as required.

Philip Chaabane, CEO I-Tech AB says: “This significant order for Selektope® demonstrates how I-Tech’s antifouling technology is meeting market demand. For I-Tech, securing this significant supply agreement provides evidence of the major impact that our technology continues to make. With this long-term agreement in place, I-Tech can continue to focus on further improving the strength of the Selektope® supply chain to ensure commercial competitiveness for our technology.”

Mr Hideyuki Tanaka, Director & Chief of Technical and Production Headquarter CMP says: “Securing CMP’s commercial relationship with I-Tech to support the strong demand received for Selektope®-containing products offered by CMP is of great importance. We look forward to working with I-Tech going into the future.”

Selektope® is an organic, non-metal compound that works to prevent barnacle fouling by temporarily activating the swimming behavior of barnacle cyprid larvae. It is characterized by high efficacy at extremely low concentrations and is ultra-low leaching. Uniquely, it offers paint manufacturers the flexibility to boost copper-based paint formulations or to replace copper completely.

In 2016, CMP launched the first Selektope®-containing antifouling coating range onto the market under two separate brands: SEAFLO NEO CF PREMIUM; and SEAFLO NEO-S PREMIUM.

SEAFLO NEO CF PREMIUM is based on zinc polymer technology and is a coating with an in-service life exceeding five years. SEAFLO NEO-S PREMIUM, is based on silyl polymer technology, and specifically targets ‘low activity’ vessels such as static vessels during outfitting in shipyards. In 2017, CMP launched a brand-new product based on hydrolyzing technology – SEA GRANDPRIX 880HS PLUS. Uniquely, CMP guarantees extended static performance of up to 45 days for this product, thanks to the barnacle-repellent boost enabled by Selektope®.

As demand for Selektope® soars, the number of antifouling products that contain the unique bio-repellent ingredient is expanding. Multiple paint manufacturers offer Selektope®-containing products, confirming the confidence held by paint manufacturers in the technology.


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