I-Tech signs supply agreement with Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd.

I-Tech has entered into a non-exclusive supply agreement with Chugoku Marine Paints Ltd (CMP) for use of I-Tech’s proprietary product, Selektope®, in commercial antifouling paints.

Selektope® is to be used as the principle biocide in new products to be brought to the market by CMP. We are delighted that CMP has selected our product and identified its potential to bring enhanced value to their customers. CMPs decision marks not only an important milestone for I-Tech but also sets the starting point for antifoulings containing a new selective biocide with a repellant mode of action and with minimal environmental footprint.

Paints containing Selektope® will be of particular value to customers in the marine industry. High levels of biofouling on a ship’s hull significantly increases drag, reduces the overall performance of the vessel and increases the fuel consumption significantly. Due to the low concentration needed, Selektope® does not compromise the paint’s chemical structure, color or other cooperative biocides involved.

“We look forward to intensifying our work with CMP in the development and commercialization of antifouling paints containing Selektope®. CMP is one of the largest marine paint suppliers in the world and to be a part of their supplier base is a great opportunity for us”, says CEO Philip Chaabane.

CMP has a broad portfolio of technologies and relies on an impressive track record of successful marine paint products. Through focused work on technical innovation, quality and environmental care, high-performance products are continuously developed and brought to the market enhancing customer satisfaction.

“We are pleased to start commercializing on our dedicated efforts in developing formulations using Selektope® as principal biocide. It is well aligned with our core values and we look forward to be able to introduce this technology to our customers”, says CMP’s Managing Director Masashi Ono.


I-Tech’s Selektope recommended for EU approval by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

I-Tech, the originator of Selektope®, a marine biocide used to improve ship hull performance and reduce maintenance, has been notified that Selektope has passed the EU evaluation criteria for marine biocides and therefore can be recommended for approval in the EU.

Final EU approval is estimated to be received by end of 2014. The recommendation from the UK HSE means that all necessary investigations and tests are completed, approved and evaluated to ensure that Selektope does not pose a risk to humans or the environment when used as an antifouling biocide. All other EU member states have now received access to the Selektope dossier and will be given the opportunity to raise questions or concerns during a 2-month period. Final EU approval is estimated to arrive by the end of 2014. Selektope has already received regulatory approval in Japan, Korea and is under registration in China.

“The confirmation that Selektope complies with the demanding EU Biocidal Products Regulation for its use is very encouraging to us as the EU requirements are utmost stringent and serve as references for regulators and industry in most parts of the world. We are confident that our enthusiasm is shared also by our customers and partners in the shipping industry as this is proof that Selektope is a safe and well-evaluated product”, says Philip Chaabane, CEO of I-Tech.