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I-Tech CEO Philip Chaabane

I-Tech's innovative expanded polystyrene container system

Team Calypso - Full Hull Coated with Selektope-Containing Paint

Medetomidine Molecule

Selektope Effect on Barnacle Larvae 

I-Tech Chairman: Stefan Sedersten

I-Tech CFO: Magnus Henell

I-Tech CEO: Philip Chaabane

I-Tech COO: Dr. Oliver Weigenand

I-Tech Head of Regulatory Affairs: Cecilia Ohlauson

I-Tech R&D Chemist: Dan Isaksson

I-Tech Director Marketing & Communications: Catherine Austin


I-Tech Office Manager: Monica Kettlehoit

I-Tech Team Photo

Test Panel: Non Selektope-Containing Paint

Test Panel: Selektope-Containing Paint

Test Patch: Source Chugoku Marine Paints. Tokyo Bay 12 Months

Application of Selektope-Containing Paint

Barnacle Cluster on Hard Substrate

Barnacle Feeding