Selektope is flexible enough to boost the performance of copper-containing marine coatings, but is also powerful enough to replace copper.

There are many coating products that contain Selektope that are on the market. Over 200 vessels have been coated with Selektope-containing products to-date (as of March 2018).




Selektope is an approved selective antifouling agent that protects ship hulls from barnacles and the drag they cause, which can lead to significant fuel savings of more than 10 percent. It delivers power at only a few grams per liter paint, leaving room for innovation at a paint maker level and optimizing hull performance while sharply reducing biocide loadings.


Selektope is approved for use in the major regions for commercial shipbuilding and repair. The comprehensive regulatory file also enables Selektope, as one of few substances, to be applied on leisure boats as a DIY product. It is compatible with all other biocides it enables powerful formulations for a large range of applications.



Marine fouling is controlled by applying coatings/paint to the ship hull. The vast majority of coatings rely on active ingredients, so called biocides, acting either through a toxic mode of action or through a more specific repellent mode of action (Selektope).

Approximately 150 million litres of antifouling coatings are being produced each year and supplied worldwide. The majority is sold to the commercial shipping community while smaller portions are used for leisure crafts, peace keeping vessels (navy) and other marine installations.

Throughout the years all sorts of attempts have been made with various results. Since the ban on TBT, new rigorous regulations have been put into force regarding the use of marine biocides. In near future, less than 10 active agents are expected to be available to the industry, reduced from >18 back in early 2000’s.

These active agents are being expected to control most of the 1700 species being part of marine biofouling. Out of the 1700 species, the barnacles are considered the “public enemy number one” due to their severe effects on drag (more than 40% increase in drag at small to medium hull coverage).

Selektope offers a solution that delivers state-of-the-art anti-barnacle performance while leaving room for marine coatings manufacturers to respond to existing and future demands for all vessels and all applications.