"SEAFLO NEO CF PREMIUM" which is based on zinc polymer technology has an extensive, well developed portfolio of applications which has broadened somewhat to various types of deep sea going vessels, which includes full coats applied to Sweden, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan based shipping companies who are keen to adopt the new technology, particularly with the current market demands.

Manufacturer: Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd. (CMP)

"GLOBIC 9500 S" which is based on high performance hydrolysing antifouling. Nano acrylate technology with Selektope for exceptional hard fouling protection for extended periods in harbour.

Manufacturer: Hempel A/S

"SEA GRANDPRIX 880HS PLUS" can be applied to deep sea going vessels trading worldwide in service periods for up to 90 months. The product can cope with idle periods of up to 45 days hence avoiding the need to conduct underwater cleaning.

Manufacturer: Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd. (CMP)

"SEAFLO NEO-S PREMIUM" which is based on silyl polymer technology and has shown significantly superior performance “free from barnacles” during newbuildings outfitting periods at several South Korean shipyards since 2015.

Manufacturer: Chugoku Marine Paints Ltd (CMP)