The shipping industry spends over USD 200 billion on fuel each year, representing the lion part of operational costs for the shipping community. The hull of a vessel can become heavily fouled with both macro and micro fouling, causing significantly increased fuel consumption when moving. Enhanced regulation on emissions to air will further increase fuel costs, as higher fuel grades will be required.

Selektope is an approved selective antifouling agent that protects ship hulls from barnacles and the drag they cause, which can lead to significant fuel savings of more than 10 percent. It delivers power at only a few grams per liter paint, leaving room for innovation at a paint maker level and optimizing hull performance while sharply reducing biocide loadings.

Tests show that using powerful Selektope containing antifouling pro­ducts greatly reduces fouling, potentially saving 30-40% on fuel costs, while owners operating in aggressive waters and with an unpredictable idling scheme can avoid fuel penalties of more than USD 100,000/year for small vessels and over USD 1M/year for large vessels.