I-Tech develop revolutionary dissolvable packaging system for Selektope®

I-Tech AB has developed a new ‘drop-in, dust-free’ dissolvable packaging system to enhance the way the antifouling active agent Selektope® is added to marine coatings during the manufacturing process.


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I-Tech AB will be exhibiting at the SMM international maritime fair in Hamburg between September 4 – 7 2018

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Selektope® is a bio-repellent ingredient for marine coatings that offers superior hard fouling prevention performance for ships. Offering a first of its kind mode of action in marine coatings, Selektope ® protects ship hulls from barnacle settlement. Selektope®, is an organic, non-metal compound that delivers unrivalled efficacy at minute concentrations of 0.1% in a marine coating’s overall constituency.

When present in a marine coating product, Selektope® temporarily stimulates the barnacle cyprid larvae’s octopamine receptor, keeping the larvae in swimming mode rendering them unable to attach to the hull (and other structures). The effects of this neurological scrambling are temporary, with the larvae returning to normal functional capacity shortly after encountering Selektope on the ship’s hull.



Philip Chaabane

Philip Chaabane

Philip holds an MSc in Material Science Engineering from both Luleå University of Technology and EEIGM, France. He has extensive experience from positions within business as well as operational activities in R&D and production in high-tech and international environments. Prior to I-Tech, Philip was the Business Development Director/Engineering Manager at PowerCell. He has also held various operational responsibilities within the Volvo Aero Corporation.
Dr. Oliver Weigenand

Dr. Oliver Weigenand

Oliver holds a PhD from Göttingen University in Germany and an engineering degree from the University of Sustainable Development HNEE in Germany. Oliver has an impressive track record from his eight years at LANXESS AG and has successfully held positions as Global Product Manager (including marine biocides). Oliver has also served as President and CEO of an SME within the LANXESS Corp. Oliver recently served as Vice President North and Central America at LANXESS Corporation.
Catherine Austin

Catherine Austin

Director Marketing & Communications
Catherine holds an MRes in Environmental Management from Swansea University (UK). She has worked in the international shipping sector for six years during which has gained extensive experience through high-level management roles. Prior to working at I-Tech, Catherine was the Executive Director of Fathom Maritime Intelligence for five years. She is also a well-reputed technical writer and journalist.
Dr. Dan Isaksson

Dr. Dan Isaksson

R&D Chemist
Dan has a PhD in Organic Chemistry and joined I-Tech after a two-year post doctorate in the Marine Paint project at Chalmers University of Technology/University of Gothenburg.
Nina Carlén

Nina Carlén

Marketing & Administration
Nina divides her time between I-Tech and Mintage Scientific (owner company of I-Tech). She has worked for I-Tech since 2009 and prior to that within marketing for Initios Medical AB and Astra Tech AB.
Dr. Cecilia Ohlauson

Dr. Cecilia Ohlauson

Head of Regulatory Affairs
Cecilia’s academic background is in ecotoxicology of biocides and she holds a PhD in Environmental Science. Cecilia has been working with regulatory affairs since 2008 at I-Tech and prior to that she was in the pharmaceutical industry where she worked with quality issues.
Magnus Henell

Magnus Henell

Magnus holds an MSc in Economy and Finance from Karlstad University and School of Economics, Gothenburg. He has extensive CFO and CEO experience from various small and medium companies and vast experience of M&A work within the Volvo Group. Previously the CEO of PowerCell Sweden AB, Magnus successfully re-financed the company and listed it on First North at Nasdaq.



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