By providing ingredient technology to power up the antifouling system

Fouling is a pressing environmental and financial problem.

Therefore, prevention rather than cure is I-Tech’s approach to tackling the global issue.

Only with a barnacle free hull can global emission targets be met.

By using the Selektope® biotechnology as an ingredient in the antifouling mix, operators and owners can eradicate hard fouling, ensuring continually clean hulls, optimal business and environmental performance.

Selektope has provided power to antifouling coatings used on over 800 vessels.


Did you know that, when a hull is covered by 10% barnacle fouling, 36% extra power from the engine is required to maintain the same speed through water.

Prevention against biofouling is vital as vessels idle and sea temperatures rise

The power of Selektope® keeps tanker barnacle free during 63 months of trading on global routes.

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Available antifouling coatings containing Selektope® has been used on more than 500 vessels.

Paint manufacturers

For paint manufacturers

Push the boundaries of coating innovation.

Ship managers

For ship owners & shipyards

Unlock the benefits.

Our customers

A sustainable solution


There are many potential solutions to save energy and reduce the shipping industry´s environmental impact.


Optimal hull performance can save up to 15% for an entire shipping fleet. Selektope® plays an important part in releasing this potential.


Optimised propulsion (engine and propeller control ) has a saving potential of up to 10%.


Route and autopilot optimisations have a saving potential of up to 15%.


A propeller free from marine fouling with an optimal design can deliver savings of up to 8%.


I-Tech, the company behind Selektope®

I-Tech AB is a public held bio-technology company based in Mölndal, Sweden that owns all IP and regulatory rights to the antifouling agent Selektope® (generic name, medetomidine).

Since 2006, I-Tech has successfully transformed the scientific invention of Selektope® into a commercially ready and available antifouling agent.

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