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The power of Selektope - on leisure boats

Marine biofouling is a great challenge for leisure boat owners, creating excessive maintenance, increase of emissions to air and risk of transporting invasive species between local marine eco-systems.

More than 10 million boats are used to allow for all kind of leisure activities on oceans and lakes only in the EU and in the US. The majority of the boats and yachts are located on the coast line, and most are at static condition over longer times.

Volvo ocean race 2
Marina harbour with beautiful white yachts in Athens, Greece.

Products already out there

Products using Selektope® are available in some regions already. As regulatory hurdles are  higher than for commercial vessles in many countries, Selektope® may stand out as one of very few options in some regions, such as Japan and the US. Given uncertainties in the regulatory landscape among memberstates in the EU, new antifouling technology is expected to be held back for a foreseeable future.  

Proven efficiacy

With its powerful effect against barnacles, Selektope® is the ideal force to boost the protection against biofouling for boats of any size.

Selektope® has been used and tested on Sea-rescue boats in Sweden, with great satisfaction, watch the video to see the results.

Moving towards a more sustainable leisure boat use 

As leisure boats are frequent to coastal areas adjacent to vulnerable ecosystems, it is of importance to keep leaching of chemicals to a minimum. Selektope® presents a way of achieving this.

Coatings with a minimum of biocidal loadings, yet with improved hard fouling protection will help to ensure that our treasured waterways are available for future generations to use and enjoy. With demonstrated effiicacy, innovative and sustainable antifouling coatings can be offered to boat owners. 

Selektope is a sustainable biocide, effective in paints and coatings in ultra-low

Boat life and the environment

Leisure boating is a nice recreational activity, however it can have a negative impact the marine environment if you’re not cautious. Emissions from engines, anchorage damage in shallow bays and leaching from antifouling products are all connected to leisure boating and should be minimised.

How can you as a boat owner make an impact?

In all situations described above its important to make the right choice such as using a fuel with less environmental impact, be careful where you anchor and use appropriate antifouling products.

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