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Q: Are there any plans to make Selektope available for the recreational boat market in the future?

A: Yes, A newly agreed partnership together with Pettit marine paints is focusing on new Selektope®-containing products for leisure boats in the US, Central and South American markets.

Selektope® is approved under EU/BPR for use on leisure craft including do-it-yourself-applications. Products are currently available for the Greek and Japanese markets. Unfortunately, paint manufacturers have not yet registered Selektope®-containing antifouling products for leisure boats in other parts of EU.

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Q: Is it possible to get any product using Selektope® for non- commercial/recreational boat market use in the EU?

A: Unfortunately, there are only few registered antifouling products for leisure boats as yet. The decision to launch antifouling paints in the European market is in the hands of the paint makers. A major barrier for this registration is the additional set of requirements, triggering significant investments from paint makers to comply with.


Q: Is Selektope® approved for use within the EU?

A: Selektope® is indeed approved under EU/BPR for use on both commercial vessels and leisure crafts including do-it-your self-applications.


Q: Is it possible to acquire sample of Selektope®?

A: Samples are only available for paint manufacturers and other professionals working with formulation. Usually we require a Material transfer agreement between parties before sampling. We will charge a small fee for sample and shipping cost. (Shipping cost maybe seem rather high at times but it is due to DG classification of the goods)

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Q: Where can I find a list of Selektope®-based coatings and manufacturers?

A: Please click here to view currently available commercial products containing Selektope®


Q: What is the expected lifetime of a coating containing Selektope®?

A: The lifetime of a coating depends on several factors like water temperature, paint thickness and paint composition. For commercial vessels there are paint systems available with a 5 years’ service interval, and theoretically even longer.

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