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46,067DWT IMO II Chemical and products tanker – 5 years

A copper-free coating product containing Selektope® was applied to the side walls of the 2010-built, 46,067dwt IMO II chemical and products tanker vessel Calypso during its first five-year survey at the Singapore yard Sembcorp.

After a 60-month sailing interval, the Team Tankers-operated tanker, Team Calypso displayed an average weighted speed loss of only -0.7%. An underwater hull inspection reported almost a complete absence of hard fouling in any of the vertical sides or flat bottom of the hull, despite the vessel operating predominantly in some the world’s most severe biofouling hotspots.

Team Calypso

A copper-free coating product containing Selektope was applied to the side walls of the 2010-built, 46,067dwt IMO II chemical and products tanker vessel Calypso during its first five-year survey at the Singapore yard Sembcorp.

Hydrodynamic analysis of performance data during the trial was carried out by independent party Propulsion Dynamics. Operating rates were measured by fuel oil consumption and power output.

Twenty-four months out of drydock, Calypso’s increased total resistance was calculated to be 7%, compared with a benchmark new vessel that would see an increase in resistance of 10-20%. This 7% increase in resistance corresponds to a mere 2% speed loss relative to sea trial performance. The increase in resistance from the propeller was 2%, with the remaining resistance being measured on the hull. Additionally, the independent analysis confirmed that the development rate of added resistance for Calypso is 0.1 % (normally 0.5% to 1.5% is expected).

The benchmark is made up of a wealth of different vessels with different coatings related to the size of the database within Propulsion Dynamics. This benchmark allows for the comparison of one ship to a large variety of similar vessels, thus addressing the problem case that it is not possible to compare equal ships to equal ships when analysing and contrasting coatings performance.

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